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Stop letting technology suck the life out of your business!

Technology is meant to enhance and streamline our businesses, yet too often it becomes a drain on our time, energy, and resources. It is so easy to get drawn into the latest and greatest tool that will "catapult" our businesses. As experienced as I am, I have been drawn into the latest tools too. It may be a great tool! What I can tell you is that if it  takes your focus off or even worse, stalls you business and your purpose it is drawing you into the death trap. 

It's time to reclaim control and stop letting technology suck the life out of your business! As technology advances at lightning speed, staying ahead of the curve can feel overwhelming. But I'm here to help. With my expertise in leveraging technology to fuel business growth, I can guide you towards finding the right tools, systems, and strategies that align with your unique goals and vision. Together, we'll optimize your tech resources, maximize efficiency, and bring back the joy and passion that first drove you to start your business. Don't let technology dominate your days any longer - regain control and rediscover the true potential of your business!

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Are you tired of letting technology suck the life out of your business? I don’t want to brag, but I am fluent in “geek”…you heard me right “geek”! The good news is that I am also fluent in English, so what that means is that I can translate for you. I can help you KNOW the technology you NEED NOW and we can create a technology roadmap for you so you can get back the driver seat in your business!  Imagine finally achieving the dream that you once believed was unattainable. You possess unique gifts and talents that the world is in desperate need of.

I have experienced many setbacks in life, like failing in scribble art in kindergarten…can you imagine how embarrassing it is to admit that? (LOL) As silly as that may seem, I understand how easily our dreams can be crushed and our belief in achieving them can waver. As a successful entrepreneur with a deeply fulfilling life, I know that creating your dream life is not only possible but necessary. My passion lies in empowering you with the confidence, knowledge, and tools needed to turn your dream life into a reality.

 Now is the time to break free of the overwhelm of technology and reclaim control over your business. By fulfilling your divine purpose, you will make a more significant impact and serve the people you were meant to serve. The best part is that you'll love every aspect of your life and feel a sense of completeness. I provide you with practical tools that you can start implementing immediately to achieve results. While there are foundational tools that I encourage everyone to have, I also understand that each person's needs and desires are unique. I don't believe in a one-size-fits-all coaching model – you are distinct, and so are your coaching aspirations. Together, let's break free from the technology trap and build a business and life that reflects your true potential and brings you joy beyond measure.

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Client Testimonials

With❤️from clients

"What I can say is this … your coaching and direct support led to me putting on my first of …. Dozens - close to 100 online events and sessions if you count the online private trauma recovery sessions. I was able to increase my clients by 50% and now serve the US and Canada. I’m now routinely asked to be a guest speaker and workshop leader at Online Trauma Summits and provide monthly online trauma recovery sessions for a non-profit cancer survivor service provider. I can say I’ve gained new clients from doing these guest summits and sessions, and the exposure and credibility I’m receiving from the opportunities is building and building and I expect to receive more and more new clients. I may not have full impact, but I do know your initial coaching, tech support, and zoom admin support was priceless. Thank you ‼️"

-Karen P, California

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